New Eco Friendly Paint Brands, Non Toxic Paint

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Are you looking for eco friendly paint brands? Thermopel paints were created by Center*Star Corporation, a LEED-accredited startup in Northwest Florida. Each paint product is low in VOC (volatile organic compounds) and contains none of the risky lead, chromates, mercury or other toxic pigments that can cause damage to your health and the environment. Instead, Thermopel is comprised of natural, environmentally-friendly materials created in the United States, and is produced in Birmingham, Alabama after being tested in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Center*Star manufactures Thermopel paints only in the USA to ensure quality and attention to detail.

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Order Thermopel 230 Heat Resistant Paint Online
Thermopel 230 Data Sheet

Order Thermopel II Heat Resistant Paint Online
Thermopel II Data Sheet

Order Thermopel 403 Heat Resistant Paint Online
Thermopel 403 Data Sheet

Order Thermopel 1015 Heat Resistant Paint Online
Thermopel 1015 Data Sheet

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