Thermopel’s proprietary concrete additive and sealant have proven through thorough testing to reduce heat damage and  prolong the life of military flight-line concrete pads.


Thermopel’s environmentally friendly sealant and concrete additives are a cost effective and durable product solution for commercial concrete applications.


Thermopel’s sealant and paints are environmentally friendly and well suited for residential use. Thermopel products are easy to use and help reduce energy costs.


Thermopel’s concrete sealants and additives have proven product durability making it the product of choice for use in industrial environments.


Our mission is to develop heat reflective, high strength, flame resistant materials for military, industrial, commercial and private use. We will use our additives to enhance and improve existing products and develop strategic partnerships with manufacturers. We will strive to use our technology to promote green products whenever possible.

Thermopel’s proprietary concrete additive enhances concrete by adding heat resistance and creating less permeability to chemicals and external elements. Thermopel has proven through testing and everyday application to prolong the life of military flight-line concrete pads.

Thermopel’s superior durability and rapid return to service attributes make it the material of choice for placement in industrial and chemical environments where deteriorated concrete creates costly shutdowns and frequent maintenance issues.

download (2)Thermopel paints were created by Center Star Corporation, a LEED-accredited startup in Northwest Florida. Each paint product is low in VOC (volatile organic compounds) and contains none of the risky lead, chromates, mercury or other toxic pigments that can cause damage to your health and the environment. Instead, Thermopel is comprised of natural, environmentally-friendly materials created in the United States, and is produced in Birmingham, Alabama after being tested in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Center Star manufactures Thermopel paints only in the USA to ensure quality and attention to detail.

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